Water Drop Live Wallpaper App


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Most of the people of the modern-day mainly like to improve the look of their mobile with the new techniques. One of the best techniques is the use of the Smartphone in a unique way. Everyone, like to have the natural wallpaper on their mobile and thee, would also give more uniqueness on the whole without any hassle. It would be quite an efficient option for relaxing your mind when viewing it. Water Drop Live Wallpaper is one of the best options for you to have on your device in a unique way. Of course, this would mainly give you the high-end option for easily saving your time on the whole. These would give you natural beauty with the special effects applied to it. When you touch the water on your mobile wallpaper then it would ripple, it is more fun and free option to enjoy. With the use of this live wallpaper, it is an easier option for getting quite amazing entertainment on the whole. Now, it is a much more efficient option for changing your screen into the splashing water drops on the whole without any hassle. Of course, it is a much more extensive option for you to relax your mind viewing the beautiful water drops in the 3D images. It would be more fun to viewing them on your devices to the maximum. With the use of this app, it is an easier option to get a number of touch effects and particles. It is also free to use without any hassle, and it is a more efficient option to play with them.


  • Easier to change the settings of the wallpaper
  • Splash your screen with amazing water drops
  • Free app to use
  • Simulates the water dropping
  • Set all the backgrounds
  • Eight different particles
  • Ten different animations
  • Magic touch
  • The perfect app for summer
  • Look very good
  • Can play with
  • New live wallpaper


  • V13.0
  • V101
  • V100
  • V9.9
  • V9.6
  • V9.4